Lexington Friends Preschool


Lexington Friends Preschool offers a child-centered curriculum guided by a Montessori certified teacher. Children are encouraged to think critically, work collaboratively and explore boldly with a natural thirst for knowledge.


At Lexington Friends Preschool we know that big ideas come from enormous messy art projects. That’s why we provide children with high quality materials and give them the freedom to explore, create, and learn as artists.


Located in downtown Lexington LFP is devoted to service and community building. Families are welcomed and encouraged to share their traditions and values with the school community.


At Lexington Friends Preschool we see nature and outdoor play as an extension of our inside work. In rain, snow, and shine children are encouraged to spend more time in nature.

Peace & Friendship

Building secure relationships and self- confidence is one of the greatest tasks of the child. At LFP we strive to support children in building strong character and healthy friendships while focusing on the paramount importance of creating peace.


At LFP the classrooms are beautifully, thoughtfully and carefully prepared to encourage meaningful learning experiences and thoughtful interactions

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Mission Statement

Lexington Friends Preschool guides children to develop active and creative minds, to be compassionate toward others, to be respectful of the environment, and to appreciate the diversity of the world around them. Membership in the Lexington Friends Preschool community is available without regard to race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disabling condition. Lexington Friends Preschool is dedicated to promoting equality and justice for all and does not discriminate against anyone in its student admissions, programs, or scholarships.