Lexington Friends Preschool

Our Mission

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." -Frederick Douglass

Lexington Friends Preschool offers a child-centered curriculum guided by a Montessori certified teacher. Children are encouraged to think critically, work collaboratively and explore boldly with a natural thirst for knowledge.


At Lexington Friends Preschool we know that big ideas come from enormous messy art projects. That’s why we provide children with high quality materials and give them the freedom to explore, create, and learn as artists.


Located in downtown Lexington LFP is devoted to service and community building. Families are welcomed and encouraged to share their traditions and values with the school community.


At Lexington Friends Preschool we see nature and outdoor play as an extension of our inside work. In rain, snow, and shine children are encouraged to spend more time in nature. Children have access to an outdoor classroom used for open exploration as well as structured lessons in science, math, art, and language.

Peace & Friendship

Building secure relationships and self- confidence is one of the greatest tasks of the child. At LFP we strive to support children in building strong character and healthy friendships while focusing on the paramount importance of creating peace.


At LFP the indoor and outdoor classrooms are beautifully, thoughtfully and carefully prepared to encourage meaningful learning experiences and thoughtful interactions

About Us

We strive to create a nurturing and enriching environment where all children are respected as members of the community.

Lexington Friends Preschool is housed in the Lexington Meeting House near downtown Lexington, Kentucky. LFP offers a secular curriculum and is an independently incorporated non-profit governed by its own board. LFP programming is guided by Montessori certified teachers who have a passion for Early Childhood Education and a deep connection to community in downtown Lexington. Through a careful balance of academics and play, children naturally develop a life-long love of learning.

Our Team

Chapi Johnson

Co-Director & Lead Teacher, Goldenrod

Chapi JohnsonCo-Director & Lead Teacher, Goldenrod

I am the director and Montessori teacher at LFP. I started working with children in various ways at a young age and began a full-time career at a non-profit preschool in 2007. I have a degree in English and Sociology and am certified in Montessori Early Childhood education. The focus of my career has been to create an inclusive classroom to meet the needs of all children in my care.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my husband and (preschool age) twin daughters. Together we enjoy dancing, making art, cooking fresh seasonal foods, and hiking in the red river gorge. As an educator and mother I believe in the importance of connection and giving children a voice. I am honored to be a part of the Lexington Friends Preschool community.

Emily Webb

Co-Director & Lead Teacher, Garden Class

Emily WebbCo-Director & Lead Teacher, Garden Class

Emily Webb began her teaching career in 2005 as an AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer with Great Basin Outdoor School in Reno, Nevada. Since then, she has served children as a Montessori teaching assistant, preschool teacher, and science, yoga, and cooking class instructor. Emily received her American Montessori Society credential from the Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education in 2010 and has worked as a lead teacher in a Montessori primary classroom for three years. When not teaching, she enjoys hiking, gardening, bird watching, volunteering, and practicing yoga. Emily loves incorporating messy art projects and big science experiments in the classroom, and believes in the importance of connecting children to their community in meaningful ways. Emily is thrilled to be a part of the new Lexington Friends Preschool community.

Rebecca Trivisonno

Lead Teacher, Dandelion

Rebecca TrivisonnoLead Teacher, Dandelion

I moved to Lexington in 2015 from Chicago, Illinois and began Working at LFP last year as the Afternoon Assistant in our Waldorf-inspired program. I am thrilled to be coming back for my second year as Lead Teacher in the Primary 2 class.

I earned my BFA in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design and continued my education in Early Montessori Education.

I have a colorful background in art including public mosaic murals, art classes for children, costume design, and theater. I also run my own small art business, Sweet Burn, where I design and create original wood-burned artwork.

As a mother of two, I naturally gravitate to children and offer continuous love and support. I work with each individual and their specific needs. I encourage respect for all living things and appreciation for the world around us. I love to be silly, get messy, and help everyone feel comfortable to explore their interests.

Outside of teaching, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, exploring Kentucky, gardening, hiking, making art, listening to music and reading.

I am extremely grateful to be working with such supportive families and staff members and feel honored to be apart of this beautiful LFP community.

Megan Adams

Lead Teacher, Lavender

Megan AdamsLead Teacher, Lavender

I am Lead Teacher in the Lavender Classroom at Lexington Friends Preschool. I have been working with children since 2010, both as a professional nanny and a Montessori educator. I studied biology and psychology at UK before completing my AMS Infant and Toddler Certification at the Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education in 2017. I cannot wait to put this knowledge into action as I assist your wonderful children on their journey to independence!

Growing up in an area of Central Appalachia with a rich heritage and beautiful landscapes, I share a reverence for nature and a deep appreciation for diverse cultures with the LFP community. I just moved to Paint Lick with my fiance, Cameron, and two kitties last summer. The peace and quiet is good for the soul. When I'm not studying child development, I enjoy creating various types of visual art, reading, and being with friends and family in nature.

Dani Dontonio

Lavender Assistant

Dani DontonioLavender Assistant

I am excited to be assistant teaching in the Lavender classroom this year. I moved to Lexington from Illinois in early 2018 and started substitute teaching at LFP in the fall. I feel truly fortunate to be a part of this special community.

I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Art from Columbia College Chicago where I learned set, prop, and puppet construction for film and theater. My introduction to working with children and young adults was with a Chicago theater company to bring Spectacle art into the classrooms of public schools which were otherwise entirely without art. Since those years, I have taken a break from the classroom to immerse myself in farming. I am looking forward to returning to teaching after several years of working on fruit, vegetable, and dairy farms.

I spend my free time tending to my huge backyard garden, building and crafting, hiking, cooking, biking, picking fruit if I can find it, or just sitting on my front porch swing.

Audrey Hamilton

Goldenrod Assistant

Audrey HamiltonGoldenrod Assistant

I have loved being outside since I can remember. This led me to obtain a a dual bachelors from Brevard College (outside of Asheville NC) in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education as well as Elementary Education. In the 5 years after college I traveled a lot, living in many states and a few other countries, guiding wilderness adventures and teaching environmental education. In January I moved to Lexington to be closer to family and joined the LFP community. I have been blown away by what a welcoming and amazing place it is. I wanted to work in preschool because its a time when really pure experiential education occurs often. I also really love the authentic restorative justice conversations we facilitate at LFP. I am so glad your family is a part of this community!

Joy Mitchell

Goldenrod Assistant

Joy MitchellGoldenrod Assistant

Joy Mitchell joined LFP during summer camps in 2018. She is a valuable part of the whole community, primarily assisting in the Goldenrod Room.

Teddy Salazar

Lavender Assistant

Teddy SalazarLavender Assistant

I am an assistant teacher in the Lavender classroom. In addition to teaching, I am a multidisciplinary artist and hope to bring my passion for community-engaged art into the classroom and the LFP community as much as possible. I believe in art as a tool for engagement and healing. By encouraging creative expression and outdoor play in children at a young age, we are preparing them to be more connected to themselves, each other and the world around us. Although it's not always easy in the world we live in, I believe in educating children with radical kindness and will do my best to encourage children to be empathetic towards all people.

Shelby Wheeler

Shelby Wheeler

Dandelion Assistant

Shelby Wheeler
Shelby WheelerDandelion Assistant

I graduated with a BS in Agriculture and Natural Resources from Berea College in 2016, and traveled for about a year before settling back in to KY. I'm a Gardener, Baker, and crafter, and I spend a lot of time going on adventures with my pup Roo. I've been subbing for LFP since January, and I'm excited to be an assistant in the Goldenrod classroom this school year!

Camilla Wilson

Garden Class Assistant

Camilla WilsonGarden Class Assistant

I am originally from Bowling Green, KY, where I graduated from Bowling Green High School in 2012. Recently, I moved to Lexington, KY and I am thrilled to become a part of Lexington Friends Preschool!

Early on, I started taking care of children through babysitting, and eventually discovered Montessori education. In 2014, I found Plum Tree Montessori School, in Bowling Green, and had the pleasure of spending five lovely years being a teaching assistant in their classroom.

In my years of working there, I was trained through Montessori programs and gained valuable knowledge along the way. It was a very rewarding experience and I continue to enjoy learning about what the Montessori teaching method offers.

When I am not teaching, I enjoy sewing, baking, traveling, reading, hiking, gardening, practicing yoga, and spending time with friends and family.

I look forward to the new school year and getting to know the families of LFP!

Katie Brewer

Substitute Teacher

Katie BrewerSubstitute Teacher

Katie has been working with children for most of her adult life, beginning with a heavy handful of babysitting jobs she picked up during her school years. She graduated from Transylvania University in 2012 with a B.A. after completing an individualized Child Development major. While in college, she studied a variety of subjects pertaining to the psychological, social and educational development processes of children. Post-graduation, Katie has worked closely with a few families as a full-time nanny. She believes in the individual rights of children to be allowed opportunities to explore and engage with their surroundings on their own terms and according to their own interests. She strives to inspire and encourage children’s innate love for learning as well as their natural tendency to interact with their world through play.

Sarah Jo Jacobs

Substitute Teacher

Sarah Jo JacobsSubstitute Teacher

I am a recent graduate of Eastern Kentucky University with a Degree in Theater and English. Before completing my degree I spent a year teaching at a nonprofit after school theatre program in Austin Texas as well as facilitating at 'The Thinkery' a local children's museum in Austin. After graduation I started work at Lexington Children's Theatre and so enjoyed working with the young people decided to pursue a career in early childhood education. I am thrilled to be back in Kentucky and starting my professional career with Lexington Friends Preschool and its amazing staff. Teaching and theatre are my passions and I hope to use my creative energy to learn and explore with the young people here at Lexington Friends Preschool.

Maryuri Welsing

Maryuri Welsing

Substitute Teacher

Maryuri Welsing
Maryuri WelsingSubstitute Teacher

My name in Maryuri Welsing, I was born in Santa Clara Cuba and moved to Florida when I was 24 years old. I have a bachelors degree in physical education with a basketball training certification. I am Montessori trained and have experience in teaching Spanish amongst all lower elementary grades.

LFP COVID-19 Reopening Guidelines

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