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To learn more about the program or to request a volume license offer tailored to your organization, please visit www.ni.com/vlp or contact NI using one of the following methods. A single-seat license can be a development, unwinding, or making available license and is generally not a concurrent license for designated users. If you have any questions about activating your software, you can read this document. The CONCURRENT LICENSE software installed on unlimited computers at specific locations when, at a given time, it is no longer used as X instances of the software, X corresponding to the number of jobs acquired simultaneously. This type of license can only be purchased as part of a VLA. There are two types of concurrent licenses: managed and unmanaged licenses. If you have any questions or need additional support to find out what are the most appropriate licensing options for your business, contact ni-Support or your local institution. In NI VLM, only one volume license file can be managed simultaneously. If you need to merge multiple volume license agreements, send an email to agreements@ni.com to obtain a single volume license file. NI offers a number of licensing options for your needs, from application development to system delivery to debugging. This article contains definitions of terms related to the LICENSING Directive. All definitions are subject to the terms of the standard license agreement. This agreement is available online at ni.com/legal/license.

Send your license server computer name and computer ID to agreements@ni.com to obtain your volume license file. In order to use the Volume License Manager, you must obtain a National Instruments volume license file installed on your license server. To obtain this license file, you must contact a National Instruments Agreements representative with the following information: The Volume License Program (VLP) maximizes your investment as your company expands the use of NI software. Designed for small groups, sites or organizations with more than 5 licenses, VLP helps you manage and optimize the use of your software. Whether you`re adding a new collaborator or redirecting a department to another project, you can make changes directly in the VLM tool. Some changes may affect your agreement, so contact us for support. SUBSCRIPTION LICENSE The selected software products are offered as a subscription license. Subscription software includes the same practical benefits of our open-ended software, with the exception of expiration of functionality. You must renew your subscription in order to continue using the software. If you extend your subscription, you can continue to use the software and receive any new software updates we release. LICENSE TO MAKE AVAILABLE A license to make available is required for the distribution of applications developed with a specific product. You must obtain a delivery license for each target computer on which the application is running.

This option can be purchased as a single seat or as part of a VLA. This category of license does not contain any exceptions at home. For more information about software that contains deployment licenses, see NI Deployment and Debug Software Licenses. The following resources may also be useful when you start using your volume license. You can only use the volume license file on the computer and run VLM on the computer from which the computer ID was generated. Using the computer ID as the key ensures that your volume license file cannot be copied and used on another server. VLM can extend your software asset management functions. Learn how to assign and reorder licenses with VLM Quickly, assign user groups, and run analysis reports. DEBUG LICENSE A debugging license for a given software allows you to install that software on a computer. You can only use the software to troubleshoot problems with an application or system already created with a development license….