Vanpool Agreement

If you prefer someone to want to contact you to create or join vanpool, fill out this information request and one of our members will contact you. In exchange for routine driving and maintenance (refueling, cleaning, etc.), it is common for drivers to drive with a discount or for free. Some vanpools can divide driving tasks among several people and give a discount to each of them. Or your vanpool prefers to run like a co-op where everyone takes a turn when driving, collecting travel time and maintenance responsibility. Below are several additional benefits to support Vanpools. Metro Vanpools is open to all and the Metro Vanpool programme strictly prohibits discrimination in any form. The Metro Vanpool program makes carpooling more affordable than ever by saving each carpool up to $500 per month. This corresponds to an additional saving of 20-30%. No, in fact, only Vanpool vehicles leased from Metro Vanpool program providers are enrolled in the Metro Vanpool program. Our vehicle suppliers rent suburban van pools from month to month, and the lease includes insurance and maintenance.