Usaa Electronic Services Agreement

In addition to the value created by the transfer of existing members who have commissioned USAA`s investment management services, it is possible for Schwab to continue to play the role of exclusive asset manager and broker for USAA. Through the recommendation agreement, USAA members are directed to Schwab through a combination of integrated and live digital interactions and have access to the same benefits as our existing customers. With the digital experience as the basis of the program, we`ve added custom web content and enabled unique connection for USAA members, so they can easily see their relationship in one place. Live recommendations come via a “hot line” to a Schwab specialist or, alternatively, via an automated phone experience. David Bohne, President of the Federal Savings Bank, said: “With this new agreement, members can visit any of the pre-identified sites in the UPS store so they can deposit a check in seconds. USAA Easy Deposit is one of many ways to make it easier for our members to bank at home.¬†Finally, I would like to have the great honour of having been tasked with exploiting the investment needs of current and future USAA members. Given that less than 10% of the 13 million members – and more and more – are currently using investment services, we welcome the opportunity to help an increasing number of these people pursue their financial goals. This current recommendation agreement will complement our strong business momentum and allow us to make the most of this special win-win opportunity. . 1 Based on sector data from Schwab Investor Services as of March 31, 2020. 2 The current membership base and gross annual growth statistics of the estimated members of the USAA.

THE USAA systems then receive the necessary information to process the down payment and send a confirmation to the UPS Store in order to invalidate the deposited cheque. 5.The other registrant and I communicated to the registrant`s auditors and to the audit committee of the registrant`s board of directors (or to the persons performing the corresponding duties): . As part of the registrant`s N-CSR (reports) form for the aforementioned funds for 31 The undersigned is confident that during our last spring update, we shared a number of potential financial results for 2020, including the impact of revenue and expenses related to the acquisition of USAA. In concrete terms, the costs of the nearly 400 USAA employees who joined Schwab, as well as other transaction or integration expenses, were taken into account in these expectations. 4.The other registrant and I are responsible for defining and maintaining disclosure controls and procedures (in accordance with Rule 30a-3 (c), in accordance with the Companies Act ( investment (as defined in Rule 30a-3 (d) by the Investment Companies Act 1940) for the registrant and : . It sees UPS Store employees who delete an USAA member`s bank card and choose the account on which the money must be deposited before scanning the check for a remote capture system. The UPS store has now made nearly 130,000 deposits into Federal Savings Bank accounts on behalf of its customers. Since last fall, the shipping franchise network has been offering free bank deposits to USAA members in selected areas of the United States and has now deposited nearly $193 million through the service. (a) these disclosure controls and procedures were designed or resulted in the development, under our control, of these disclosure controls and procedures, to ensure that essential information about the registrant, including its consolidated subsidiaries, is shared with us by others within these companies, particularly during the period during which these reports are made;