University Of Windsor Collective Agreement

According to a press release from the school committee, representatives of the various groups “will continue to work together to implement the new agreement. The Ontario Secondary School Teachers` Federation of Ontario Teacher Bargaining Unit (OSSTF TBU) and GECDSB concluded an interim collective agreement on October 22 that was approved by both parties on Friday. Read the summary of the changes to the collective agreement in the 2016 negotiations in the 2016 ratification document of June 23, 2016. A.1 Minimum dollar wage amounts for faculty members, professional librarians and auxiliary higher education institutions are shown in Table A.1. The salaries of teachers, professional librarians and academic assistants below the new minim` will be adapted to the new minimums. Read the official 2013-2016 collective agreement (PDF format) of October 7, 2013. (d) the normal salary of each full-time faculty, a professional librarian, an adjunct academic staff and a meeting teacher are plus the following percentages for the schedule, the dollar amounts for the PTRs referred to in Table A.2.d, with the exception of meeting physicians who are recruited in accordance with Section 55 after July 1, 2011 and who receive 80.49 per cent of the amount indicated for RPP. (e) If a member`s normal salary for the year in question is less than the minimum wage applicable to his rank, it is increased to a minimum before the application of clauses A.2 (c) and A.2 (d), depending on the applicable nature. Full professors, associate professors, librarian IV, librarian III, AAS IV and AAS III, who earn 1.75 times the minimum wage for their respective grades, will receive 50% of the PTR supplements. If you earn 2.00 times the minimum wage for your respective grade, you receive 0% of the PTR supplements.

If such a member has not reached the rank immediately higher after five (5) years of professor, assistant, librarian, librarian II, AAS I or AAS II, that member may not receive a salary above the salary of his rank or the amount obtained in the fifth year, depending on the highest value. After the aforementioned five years, the calculation of that member`s normal salary is subject to the pay differentials of all compensation adjustments made by other sections of the collective agreement. The parties agree that the provisions of this clause do not apply to the faculty member or librarian-designate until January 1, 1999.