Transfer Agreement Ripe

If a change in a member`s business structure is not accompanied by a transfer of internet resources or a change in the member`s official legal name, RIPE NCC does not need to be informed of this change. The member must also indicate all end-user assignment agreements that must be requested for the transfer. The transfer request may be submitted as described above (section 3.1). Resource transfers in our service region are subject to the following RIPE guidelines: Do you need to transfer resources due to a change in business structure (e.g. B merger, redemption) ? Learn how to update your information and transfer your resources to the new structure. We allow and facilitate the transmission of internet resources such as IPv4, IPv6 addresses and OER numbers. A resource transfer changes the management of Part B resources to be received. Our standard agreement is available online. All resource holders in the RIPE-NCC region may transfer resources in accordance with CPIN guidelines. The resource owners are either the Local Internet Registries (LIRs) or the end users.

To complete the transfer, RIPE NCC updates the records of the Internet number resource to reflect the transmission. Please see the table below on the types of resources that can be transferred. For transfers from service regions, for which the recipient region must have needs-based policies, recipients must submit to RIPE NCC, within five years, a plan for the use of at least 50% of the resources transferred. When transferring Internet resources to another IRB, RIPE-NCC follows the transmission rules applicable in its own service region.