Synonyms Of Broad Agreement

Among them was one for Mr. Raymount, with a wide black border. With a wide arm, he pointed the city among us. Qualified aid or agreement is not entirely positive, because someone has a doubt or criticism of a renewable contract, agreement, etc. can be pursued for a longer period The charm of the place is not so much in detail as in a broad impact. Let me illustrate this general statement on the issue of fears. He was of medium size, but had very broad shoulders. This chapter can only provide an approximate overview of the subject. They reached a large apartment, and the stallion won with terrible perseverance. As we approach this new era, we will already be able to see the broad outlines of it.

The road crossed a wide area of flooded fields. If an agreement, contract, decision, etc. is binding, you have to do what it says Our radio station plays a wide spectrum of popular music. We need to define a comprehensive strategy for future development. A unanimous decision, a vote, an agreement, etc., is a decision with which everyone agrees and that “the danger can be borne,” he said. It is conservative, in the broadest sense of the word. In the wide paths of the ocean, such an opportunity is doubtful. Burke`s wide jowls trembled at the force with which he cut his cheeks. There is now a broad consensus that the government was right in this solution. if there is a broad consensus on something, most people generally agree, even if they do not agree on all the details There is a green meadow in the middle on which rests a wide belt of sun. They make too many general generalizations about people. The party is now fighting to maintain a broad political base.

We support the broad objectives that underlie this bill. Found its bearing and a white gum marked with a wide arrow, but no water. a signed and sealed agreement is officially concluded. If something is uncontested, no one is against or disagrees with an agreed price, a limit, a date, etc., which people have talked about and accepted.