Social Value Agreement

Through this law, tenders and QQQs focus on issues of social value. This shows the growing link between social value and tendering. Many public sector organisations, particularly local authorities, publish specific social, environmental or charitable agendas. This is usually done in the form of strategic economic or social plans, for example. B of the Northeast Lep Strategic Economic Plan. This can be included in the tender or available on the public body`s website. It is important to read and make sure that you are showing in your response that you share the same priorities. Suppliers are increasingly being asked to monitor their social value activities to prove that the promises in their tenders are successful. The Considerate Constructors Scheme has a number of useful information on their Building Social Value website. There are several free social value calculators as well as paid for social value tools on the market. We`ve listed below some free resources to help you: Often, your response to social value requires some form of measurable performance calculation. The social value of the tender goes beyond that. Buyers want to see accessible opportunities for suppliers to make a positive impact on their environment if they win the offer.

Buyers not only want suppliers who can deliver the job successfully, but who are able to offer the whole package. Social value is the term used to describe the added value generated by the provision of a service contract with a greater community or public benefit. It goes beyond the value of primary contractual activity and focuses on improving the “economic, social and environmental” well-being of the region. Many contracting authorities now have a social value tool to help suppliers understand and provide localized social value. These toolkits contain ideas on the type of social value you could offer, potential partners and how to calculate this for a winning call response. It is important not to believe that you know what the buyer wants to hear. Instead, digest the demands of the question and react accordingly. For example, don`t be informed in writing of the added value generated by charitable giving if the question invites you to explain in detail how you can increase social value by introducing additional opportunities for employment and work experience. The answers to questions of social value can be very different, as they are based on the specific needs of a local territory. The scope of each contract and the expectations of the buyers will also be very different, so it is important to carefully read the questions and respond specifically to each element of the contract. With regard to contracting, this is an abandonment of contracting on the basis of the lowest costs. Whereas in the past, the evaluation criteria may have weighed on 60% price and 40% quality, today we see weights of up to 20% for social value alone, making it a fundamental element of any successful offer.

Social value and tenderness now seem to be in tune as a couple. The Social Value Act 2012 was passed on 8 March 2012 in the Social Value Act 2012. The law requires public sector organizations to examine the potential of suppliers, to provide services that improve the territory and the people they will work with. Housing Associations` Charitable Trust (HACT) uses a table tool that allows you to enter specific information and generate an assessment of the social value you offer. The calculation will be to a ratio of the number of books you generate in social value, for money earned by the contract.