Show Horse Lease Agreement

Horse information: name, registration number, father, mother, date, sex, color, other details; (i) the tenant pays all resting weapons, taxes and other state taxes that are levied on the rental fees on the horse created by this agreement. RECITALS: Lessor is the owner, Major Motion Farms, LLC, of the show horse, “horse name” (the “horse”), breed, age, sex, United States Equestrian Federation. Inc. (`USEF`) Registration number #USEF registration . For the purposes of this agreement. The horse is a generic term and can refer to either a horse or a pony, without compromising the applicability of this agreement. The owner wishes to rent the horse to the tenant for riding and show for riding and show purposes, in order to take into account the conditions set here. The horse is and is maintained and maintained at the tenant`s expense only, from the date of entry into force until the termination of this contract, in accordance with its conditions. (d) The tenant keeps the horse in the name of the stable as the horse`s main residence, provided that the owner and tenant have agreed otherwise.

The horse may be temporarily stabilized in other appropriate equine facilities for veterinary treatment or demonstration of sanctioned horse shows on USEF. The temporary barn for equine exposure may not exceed two months (2 months) unless the landlord and the lessor agree. Only with prior written permission from the lessor can the tenant move the horse to a barn other than the horse`s main residence for the duration of the rental. The horse must remain in the custody and formation of the trainer`s name. For the name FallTrainer is not able to take care of the horse and train. After consultation between the owner and the tenant, another instructor may be appointed to take care of and train the horse. 3.Renter responsible for returning horse to the owner. If the lease is terminated. The Tenant is responsible, at the tenant`s expense, for the return of the horse to the owner at Major Motion Farms, 22945 Coltrane Avenue, Newhall, CA 91321. The tenant is responsible for the return of the horse in a stable and half with a commercial shipping company – licensed.

The horse must be made of the same solidity, if not better. 6.Insurance policies. The lessor will maintain a horse mortality insurance for the full value of the horse ($Full ValueUSD) in which the owner is designated as the sole beneficiary. The refund is made by the lessor at $Full value (annual cost) for the duration of the lease. The landlord will take all reasonable steps to assist the tenant in promoting the existing major medical and/or surgical guidelines. The lessor will notify the lessor`s insurance agency of this lease and will take all necessary measures to ensure the applicability of Horse`s health insurance coverage for the duration of the lease. The tenant is responsible for maintaining large health insurance or paying all medical expenses out of pocket for injuries or operations for the horse. In the meantime, this involves shockwave therapy, iwrap and/or when injuries require a bone scan or MRI for diagnostic purposes. (e) The performance, delivery and performance of this contract is not contrary to a provision of a mortgage, withdrawal, contract or other existing contract that is a lender or claims to be mandatory for the lessor or for its property.