Programs and Tuition:

LFP offers two distinct, yet cohesive programs for Toddlers (ages 18mo – 3yr) and Primary aged children (ages 3-6). Teachers present lessons to individual or small groups of children based on each child’s developmental readiness and interest.  Children are encouraged to make independent work choices from a variety of language, math, science, sensorial, cultural, and practical living activities. Both Programs include weekly Enrichment classes to supplement our curriculum and lots of all-weather outdoor play.

Early Arrival(7:30-8:00)$1,191.56
Full Day Toddler (M-F, 8:00-3:00)$11,097.19
Full Day Primary(M-F, 8:00-3:00)$9,875.39
10% sibling discount on all tuition (this discount will be applied to the sibling with the lower tuition cost).
Tuition rates include supplies fees

Infant-Toddler Program: The Poppy Classroom

Our Poppy Classroom offers an infant-toddler program for children of age 18 months to 3 years.

In a loving and nurturing environment, children are free to choose activities inspired by practical life, and aimed at developing order, coordination, and concentration. We offer art and music exploration daily, allowing our children not only to develop their fine motor skills, but also to express themselves and their feelings. Since movement is an essential factor in intellectual growth, our kids have access to a large movement area. Our cozy reading corner, on the other hand, provides a space for exposure to individual and group reading. Taking care of our pet, indoor plants, and common space is also an essential part of our program: through these activities, we learn to be respectful and responsible, but we also practice how to show grace and courtesy, and we educate our soul to compassion and empathy.

With the teachers’ support, our children will achieve autonomy in getting dressed-undressed, in attending to their personal hygiene, and finally in being self-sufficient in the bathroom. In a home-like atmosphere, teachers are patient, soft-spoken, and respectful guides: they support each child’s free and active participation; they act discretely, letting the child’s curiosity initiate the learning process; they accompany students in their own journey toward independence and self-awareness; they value each child as a unique individual.

Primary Program: The Sunflower Classroom

The Sunflower Classroom offers children ages 3-6 an environment to engage in activities of practical life, math, language, science, geography and cultural studies, art, music, and physical development. 

In our classroom, practical life activities encourage the natural urge young children have to partake in the activities of daily living and participate in family life.  Simple chores that adults may take for granted fascinate the child, engaging them in the meaningful learning of life skills. Practical life activities such as caring for the person and their environment help children develop and coordinate movement, awareness, orderly thought patterns, independent work habits, and responsibility. Children have access to sensorial materials that isolate specific qualities, have a built in control of error, allow for repetition, and make abstract qualities concrete.  Children are immersed in language the moment they enter the classroom.  Spoken language is encouraged as children communicate with each other. Books are available for enjoyment and information.  Stories are read and told individually or in small and large groups. The alphabet is learned with fun and interesting sorting and matching works.  Handwriting is practiced through tracing shapes and sandpaper letters, and moveable alphabet letters are used for writing words. Children are exposed to the natural world through a science curriculum that is multi-sensory and based in the scientific method.  Children are expected to show reverence to all living things, observe the life cycles of the plants and animals in the classroom, learn to make predictions and hypothesize.  Children are allowed to make their own conclusions based on their experiences and development. A variety of cultural themes are integrated into all curriculum areas.  Peace education is an integral part of the LFP classroom and begins modeling respect. Informal and formal music education occurs through singing, listening to music, playing instruments, studying musical notation, and exploring sound. Caring for the body is equally as important as challenging the mind.  Movement is built into all Montessori activities, allowing the child to develop gross motor as well as fine motor skills. 

Art Enrichment with Ms. Rebecca

Art at LFP may look a little different from the typical crafty projects many of us grew up with. We value process over product and give our students creative freedom to explore.

We love working with natural and recycled materials to reuse and repurpose however we can! From repainting old canvasses to dying and weaving old fabric, we believe art can be made from just about anything! Children are invited to experiment with a variety of materials and techniques in both collaborative and individual settings. Our students appreciate the opportunity to get messy, feel the materials and express themselves in a safe and loving environment.