Orsola Di Cugno

Orsola, a native of Southern Italy, has always felt a strong and profound vocation for working with children.

Before moving to the U.S. with her husband Marcello, Orsola worked full-time as an interior designer in her own family business, but since her high school time, and throughout college (where Orsola studied law), she regularly worked with children, as an elementary school tutor and as a babysitter/nanny.

While choosing the right preschool for her daughter Viola, Orsola stumbled upon an opportunity to start working in a child-led, play-based preschool, where art exploration was a daily opportunity for the children.

She found that this approach aligned perfectly with the way she felt about early education.

Orsola has continued to work as a preschool assistant teacher in Lexington up until the pandemic started, and then as a nanny during her one-year hiatus from the classroom.

In her free time, Orsola enjoys cooking, spending time outside gardening, as well as dancing, going to concerts, and restoring old pieces of furniture.