Linelle Rivera Rodríguez

Linelle was born and raised in Puerto Rico. The greatest gift in life is to be surrounded by the sea, family, and plantain trees. During her bachelor’s degree in Biology, she began a journey seeking to be more involved in what she loves the most. She volunteered at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Refuge in Cabo Rojo, PR where she discovered her passion for nature conservancy. This motivated her to pursue graduate studies in Ecological and Environmental Sciences and lead to a thesis project researching native bats. She is a people person and takes leadership very seriously. If you ask her family and friends, they will say she is outgoing, responsible, and courageous. In 2020, during her last year of graduate school, she had to leave the island to give her professional life a chance. She currently finds herself in Lexington, Kentucky with the love of her life. Nowadays she likes to spend time in rivers, forests, creating a collection of tropical plants, and taking pictures. The past two years have been motivation to refocus on a professional career in education.