Dani D’Antonio

Dani has a BA from Columbia College in Chicago where she built sets, props, and puppets for film and theater and taught art classes in Chicago Public Schools. Since college Dani has worked on several farms in Illinois and Kentucky including a goat dairy, fruit orchard, vegetable farm, and flower farm. When Dani first moved to Kentucky in 2018, she was welcomed as a substitute teacher at LFP and fell in love with the amazing community and inspiring program. She came on full-time as an assistant in the toddler classroom in 2019. In her free time Dani loves to make soup, mend old and broken things, sit on her porch swing, hike, bike, collect and admire natural objects and plants, and sing, dance, and laugh with her daughter, Ida. She and her partner are working  toward starting their own farm business on a small piece of rolling Kentucky land. She draws inspiration from the teachers and philosophy of LFP in her own parenting and life pursuits.