Guiding Principles

Play-Based Outdoor Learning    

Research shows children who spend time in nature are better able to problem-solve, be creative, relate to peers, and perform in academics.  At LFP children  engage in unstructured, imaginative play in the outdoors rain or shine, mud and snow.  Children are provided with open-ended natural play materials and time for unstructured play encouraging healthy development of imagination and wonder. When children are engaged in meaningful play with one another, they are better able to utilize critical thinking skills to problem solve, collaborate, and practice peaceful conflict resolution amongst each other.

Read more about the Benefits of Nature-Based Learning.

Character Development   

Social and emotional development are at the core of a child’s daily activities during their preschool years. By honoring each child’s unique personality and through careful observation of how best to meet each child’s emotional needs, LFP teachers create warm, welcoming classroom environments that allow children to feel safe and connect with adults and peers. At LFP children learn to be respectful of living plants and animals and each other through careful teacher modeling and the freedom to move throughout the classroom to interact with their environment.

Multi Sensory Academics   

Our morning Montessori  programs provide distinct learning experiences to meet different learning styles.  Teachers prepare children to leave preschool with the skills they need to pract

ice good citizenship, become stewards of the environment, and motivation to extend kindness to others.  We recognize the Montessori pedagogy allows children the freedom to build self-confidence, independence, and creativity within themselves they will carry as they grow into young adults.

The Montessori toddler and primary classrooms follow the guiding philosophy of Dr. Maria Montessori.  Teachers present lessons to individual or small groups of children based on that child’s developmental readiness and interest.   Children are encouraged to make independent work choices from a variety of language, math, science, sensorial, cultural, and practical living activities.  Read more about a day in a typical Montessori classroom.


Within the walls of our preschool, LFP works to develop a culture of service to others.  Whenever possible we support local businesses for school fundraisers and celebrations.  Past partnerships and service project partners include:

  • Kentucky Refugee Ministries
  • Connie Griffith Apartment Tower
  • Radio Lexington
  • Art on the Move
  • Seedleaf
  • Bluegrass Greensource
  • The Plantory

Not only do we value service to others in our neighborhood community, but consider the relationships between teachers, parents, and families to be an integral part to our school culture.  Since opening in 2015, LFP families have grown to rely on each other for support and encouragement, laying the foundation for strong friendships among teachers, parents, extended family, and of course, the children!