FAQ: LFP and Coronavirus

Q: How will teachers social distance with other staff during the school day?

A: Teachers will model six feet of social distancing whenever possible. We have created an additional work space for teachers to allow more distancing. All teachers will be required to wear masks inside the building and maintain social distance on the playground.

Q: How will teachers manage social distancing with children and between children?

A: Children from different classrooms will not mix on the playground, lunch, or nap. Children will have their own special table, labeled with their picture, where they can eat snack, lunch, and do work. Children will have their own work rug and art supply box, also labeled with their picture. We cannot encourage sharing right now, but we can encourage children to decorate their work space to make it special for them. Teachers will do less one on one lessons with children. We will still love and care for your child without social distance if they are hurt, scared, or feeling sad.

Q: If my child’s teacher is sick, can my child still attend school?

A: Each classroom will have two teachers, so if one teacher is absent the classroom can stay open. If both teachers are absent, however, and we are unable to contact a sub, that classroom would be closed for the day and your child would be unable to attend.

Q: What is the school’s response to a teacher who is symptomatic or becomes ill?

A: Teachers who are symptomatic must receive one negative coronavirus test. If that test is negative but the teacher continues to feel ill, she must receive an alternative diagnosis from a doctor. If a teacher tests positive for Covid-19, LFP will work with the Fayette County health department to take appropriate action.

Q: How will you isolate a child who is ill or develops a fever during the school day?

A: Our designated health room will be located on the second floor of the building where a child will wait with a teacher until parents can pick up.

Q: What will LFP do to ensure proper hand hygiene?

A: We will continue to follow Kentucky childcare regulations on proper handwashing: before entering the classroom; before/after eating; before/after handling a pet; after using the restroom; before/after diapering (for toddlers); after coming indoors from outside play; anytime hands feel or appear soiled.

LFP has installed new motion detector sinks to limit the number of hands touching sinks and handles, and our paper towel dispensers do not require children to touch handles or knobs.

Q: Can my child attend school if their sibling is sick?

A: If anyone in your household is exhibiting symptoms of Covid-19 your child will not be allowed to attend school. It is your responsibility to notify your classroom teacher if anyone in your household shows symptoms of the virus.

Q: What if my child has seasonal allergies?

A: If you child has allergy symptoms they will not be allowed to attend school until you present a doctor’s note stating that diagnosis. If symptoms worsen or change an additional doctor’s note is required.