Distributor Guaranteed Service Level Agreement

The guaranteed levels of service that apply to essential energy are as follows. Choose from the list to learn more about the different levels of service. If you feel that you are entitled to a payment from your electricity distributor for power problems but have not yet received them, contact Victoria`s Energy and Water Manager on 1800 500 509. Ausgrid must meet a number of distribution standards for small customers. Ausgrid must report on violations of these standards and may be punished with sanctions for such breaches. In addition, some of these standards are guaranteed levels of service and a violation of these standards allows affected customers to obtain compensation equal to a required amount. These are called “guaranteed level of service” payments. Payments vary depending on the nature of the failure. Similarly, certain events may be excluded from this payment if the Essential Services Commission has found that the event is not controlled by the electricity distributor in accordance with the relevant industry codes. We checked the codes that are affected by the Victorian payment system “guaranteed level of service.” All payments to be made in accordance with the service levels described in this section will be made within one month of receiving your application. If Essential Energy does not provide after-sales service (except for a connection service under Chapter 5A of the National Electricity Rules) on or before the agreed date between Essential Energy and a small customer or customer representative, Essential Energy must pay the customer, as compensation for the delay, no less than $60 per day , between the agreed date and the date the service is actually provided, flows (up to a maximum of USD 300). If the customer is not yet connected to Ausgrid`s distribution system, the customer has another contract with Ausgrid for physical connection services and the DSCC will apply under the terms of that other contract. For more details on contracts for physical liaison services, see model booth offers.

We checked the codes that are affected by the Victorian payment system “guaranteed level of service.” The scheme requires Victorian electricity suppliers to make payments to customers who obtain a less favourable level of service than a certain threshold or level. There are a number of sources for Ausgrid`s distribution standards: Energex and Ergon Energy must report all payments to customers if they do not meet guaranteed service levels (GSLs). The quarterly GSL reports of distributors up to the June 2020 quarter are available below. Starting in September 2020, Energex and Ergon Energy will publish quarterly on their websites. This information is only a summary. All payments found under these LSGs are made by Power and Water for non-compliance with designated standards. We reserve the right to modify these levels of service in accordance with any changes to the requirements of the Northern Territory Supply Board. We will make an appointment with the small customer within 30 minutes of the agreed time. You will receive a payment of $23.10 if we do not meet this standard. The stop-date measure only applies if the customer has requested a paid service. The following after-sales service standards are licensed by distribution service provider Ausgrid Network.

We are committed to providing you with high standards of customer service by meeting our security service system (GSL) obligations in accordance with the National Retail Energy Rules (NSW) and the Electricity Supply Act (NSW) 1995.