Digital Signage Agreement Template

(b) Your cancellation. You can resign by notifying us. You may be charged a deactivation fee, as described in Section 2, and you have issued a credit as described below. Your message will be effective the day we receive it. They remain responsible for the payment of all outstanding balances up to that effective date. In addition to any deactivation or change of service charges in accordance with Section 2, if you cancel the service or change your service plan, you may be subject to an advance cancellation fee if you have accepted a service contract with Galaxy Digital Signage and have not been able to keep the required service plan for the required period. For services sold only in blocks of one month or several times of a month if you terminate this service, we will only credit you for full months that will not be used. For example, if you subscribe to one year of such a service from January to December, but you cancel on March 10, we will credit you with a subscription fee for April to December. However, we are not going to charge fees for the months of January to March. Today, online advertising is widespread, as many individuals and businesses have thriving online businesses that receive many calls every day. Advertisers often want to reach the same audience as the publisher with whom they enter into contracts, which makes these deals very logical and often lucrative.

For example, many travel agencies or travel agencies will choose to advertise on a travel blogger`s website. This agreement is specifically intended to cover these situations. b) Applicable law. The interpretation and enforcement of this agreement and any disputes related to your agreements or services with Galaxy Digital Signage are governed by the rules and regulations of the applicable federal law as well as by the laws of the state and local territory where the service is made available to you. This agreement can be amended if such laws require it. Notwithstanding the above, Section 8 is subject to federal arbitration law. 13.1 You or any of your users will not abuse our service by knowingly introducing viruses, Trojans, worms, logic bombs or any other malicious or technologically harmful material. You should not attempt to obtain unauthorized access to our service, the server on which our service is stored, or servers, computers or databases with our service and/or You cannot attack our service with a denial-of-service or distributed denial-of-service attack. 2.1 Our service, including, is owned and operated by Play Digital Signage, Inc., a company registered in the State of Delaware, United States, with the company registration number 32-0567502 and which has its registered address in Lake Road 2035 in the City of Newark, postcode 1,0002 and County of Newark.