Dalhousie Faculty Association Collective Agreement

The OCUFA Faculty also recommended these changes to help the faculty adapt to a post-pandemic world: recognition of the increased workload/compensation/funding/education; smaller class sizes, more faculty support/TAs/admin. A collective agreement between Dalhousie University`s Board of Governors and the Dalhousie Faculty Association 2017-2020 “On my way from part-time to full-time teacher, my family and I have benefited from many fair employment practices that exist because of the efforts of former FDFA members. I voluntarily give something back to the organization that was there for me.¬†Whalen “Negotiating a new collective agreement with the Dalhousie Faculty Association gives the university some stability in a period, as we expect, difficult for all our employees, teachers and students,” Bryson said by email. Dalhousie was one of the first universities in Nova Scotia to expire a collective agreement during the COVID-19 era. Westwood said the faculty initially requested a one-year extension in the hope that the overtime would allow for some uncertainty related to the pandemic. But this proposal was not accepted by the directors. 23.18 – Members who process patent applications through the Board`s agreement with Nova Universities Technology Inc. or a similar agency may be required to sign an agreement on revenue and other conditions. 21.02 – Off-campus education may be allocated in accordance with existing rules within departments or other teaching units that were provided prior to the signing of the collective agreement. All provisions relating to the allocation of teaching tasks outside the campus, taken after the signing of this collective agreement, are made in departments or other teaching units and contain provisions for the agreement of the member or members concerned. Members whose employment is responsible for regular or ongoing teaching outside the campus have defined these tasks in their individual appointment letters.

The faculty association represents 950 professors, teachers, librarians and guidance counsellors at Dalhousie University. OCUFA surveyed more than 2,200 faculties – they stated that the main problems currently facing universities are the lack of funding/research/reduction of the budget/high tuition fees. Martin van Bommel, president of the St. FX Association of University Teachers, said the new letter does not address everything its members have requested, first of all the financial recognition of the extra work they have put into the transition of some online courses. But he said the proposed clauses for the letter and rejected by the administration are likely to be back on the table when collective bargaining resumes in a few years. 20.08 – A member`s workload may include the evening class time, during summer sessions, in a second department or other unit with Dalhousie University or outside of campus teaching, pursuant to section 21. These teaching tasks may be assigned in accordance with existing rules within departments or other teaching units that were completed prior to the signing of the collective agreement.