Community Garden Agreement

This temporary community garden is a future development site and will be renovated at any time, and this agreement outlines the details that gardeners will not oppose the end of the gardener`s rights under this agreement, protest or act inappropriately. Once a year, the garden manager invites all gardeners to an annual meeting to inform gardeners of any changes made to the operation of the garden, these rules, when allocating land to discuss problems or concerns. License or garden managers will announce the annual meeting by email or first class mail no later than 14 days in advance. At each annual meeting, an annual gardening fee is due. 3.2 Termination of Lease. If the owner terminates the licensee`s license agreement for the land on which the garden is located, your right to the garden is extinguished. The licensee or landowner may terminate the licensee`s license agreement. We will notify you if the licensee or owner terminates the license agreement. Gardeners can plant vegetables, fruits and flowers.

Gardeners may not have plantings or phytosanitary structures that impede the safety of the garden or impede the access of neighboring gardeners to sunlight due to their height, material or density. Gardeners can not grow plants more than 4 feet tall. 1.1 Plot. You have the temporary right to garden on the ___ land(s) (the “Land”) in the Garden. Immediate members of your family can garden with you as guests. You can use the diagram of _________ You have the option to renew your membership every year and keep your land as long as the garden works in that place and you follow the rules of the garden. The garden manager provides a list of contact information and land use for all gardeners. Gardeners must inform the garden manager of any changes to their contact addresses or telephone numbers. Gardeners deposit organic waste such as weeds, dead plants or rotten products in the compost piles indicated by the garden manager. Gardeners should cut all organic waste to 4“ in length before putting it in a compost bin and following other compost rules set by the garden manager.

Vancouver Garden Garden Builders (the “Licensee”) is a social enterprise that has a licensing agreement with the landowner for the use of the country, acts as a garden manager (the “Garden Manager”) and manages these rules. Anyone with land in the garden (so-called “gardener”) must sign a gardening agreement with the licensee by which the gardener undertakes to respect these rules. 1.4 No transfer. You cannot let anyone come from your family garden unless the garden manager gives us his agreement in writing. Notwithstanding the legalization of cannabis or marijuana, gardeners cannot grow cannabis or marijuana in the garden.. . . .