Collective Agreement In Afrikaans

The basic conditions of employment contained in the law are part of the employment contract of workers covered by the law. Some, but not all, employment frameworks can be varied by individual or collective collective agreements in accordance with the provisions of the law (see below, item 7). 2.5.2 A worker bound by such a collective agreement may not have more than 3/4 2.10.2 on a public holiday, is consensual and is paid at double rate. 5.2.2 A collective agreement may reduce the notice period from four weeks to no less than two weeks. 3.2.1 Workers are entitled to 21 consecutive days of annual or agreed leave, one day for every 17 working days or one hour for every 17 hours worked. 7.1 A collective agreement concluded by a bargaining council may replace or exclude any basic condition of employment, with the exception of: 4.6.2 A deduction for damages or losses caused by the worker can only take place with the agreement and, after a fair trial 2.5.1 A collective agreement may allow an average working time over a period of up to four months. 2.3.2 An agreement must not require or allow a worker to work more than 12 hours a day. 2.3.3 A collective agreement may increase overtime to 15 hours per week for up to two months over a 12-month period. 7.2 Collective agreements and individual contracts can replace or exclude basic conditions of employment only to the extent permitted by law or in a sectoral provision (S.49). 2.10.3 A holiday can be exchanged by appointment with another day. 4.7 Calculation of pay and wages: Section 35 A worker dismissed for business purposes or whose employment contract is terminated under section 38 of the Insolvency Act in 1936 is entitled to a weekly allowance for each year of service.

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