Cecill-C Free Software License Agreement

In particular, licensor does not warrant that the software is error-free or error-free, that it is continuously functioning, that it is compatible with licensee`s own devices and software configuration, or that it meets licensee`s requirements. 13.2. In the absence of an out-of-court settlement within two (2) months of their appearance and in the absence of an urgent procedure, disputes or disputes are referred by the first party to the Paris courts competent to take measures. This Agreement may apply to any or all software for which the owner of the economic rights decides to make the exploitation of such software subject to its provisions. Software: means the software in its object code and/or source code form and, where applicable, in its documentation “as intended” at the time of the licensee`s agreement. The most notable difference in CeCILL v2 is that the English text has not been approved as a design translation (as in CeCILL v1), but as authentic text in addition to the equally authentic French version. This makes the international application of the CeCILL license much easier, as the cost of establishing an authentic translation before an international tribunal using a second authentic reference text is lower. The second difference is that the reference to the GNU General Public License, with which CeCILL v2 is now fully compatible, is explicitly defined precisely with its exact title and the exact name of the Free Software Foundation, in order to avoid all possible variations of the terms of the GPL v2. Some additional definitions have been added to more precisely define terms with less ambiguity. With these amendments, CeCILL is now fully applicable in court, in accordance with WIPO rules and French law, without the legal problems of version 2 of the GPL remaining outside the United States. The fact that it is protected by renowned public research centers (in France INRIA, a founding member of the international W3 consortium, and the CEA, which works on nuclear energy) that use them to publish their own open source and free software, and by critical government organizations (which also work in areas such as military and defense systems) are also much safer than using the GPL alone. since the license is officially supported by a full MEMBER GOVERNMENT of WIPO and by applicable law.

It also means that all international intellectual rights protection contracts apply to CeCILL licensed products and are therefore legally applicable in all countries that have signed one of the international treaties protected by WIPO. However, it also leaves open the possibility for the French government to make a future version of CeCILL not free and restricted. This agreement is a free software license that is the result of discussions between its authors to ensure compliance with the two main principles that guide their development: GitHub is home to more than 50 million developers who work together to host and verify code, manage projects and create software together. 11.3. The contract revokes and replaces one or more previous written or oral agreements between the parties having the same purpose and constitutes the entire agreement between these parties to that effect. Any supplement or modification to the terms of this Agreement shall not be effective with respect to the Parties unless it is in writing and signed by their duly authorized representatives. CeCILL gives users the right to freely copy, modify and distribute the licensed software. It defines rights as the transition from the copyright owner to a “licensor” who may be the copyright owner or other distributor, to the user or the “licensee”.

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