Aussie House Sitters Agreement

You can assign a friend, relative or neighbour the role of a designated contact person to contact your caretaker in your absence. If so, enough of your contact information for your keeper to reach them at any time of the day and night. You need to see how comfortable your designated interlocutor is with the idea of making decisions on your behalf. Are paid sitters allowed on Aussie House sitters? There are some professional sitters who decide to advertise on Aussie House Sitters and they usually ask for payment in exchange for their professional service. The vast majority of the house`s inhabitants are animal lovers who believe that obtaining free housing in exchange for basic tasks for raising pets is a fair and positive exchange of services. Hello Jay and Brittnay!! If you only look at the pages in the United States, have you ever tried House Sit America? We had a look and it also seems to look like aussie house sitters, do you know if it`s the same? You can write a list of all the areas or rooms in your home or on your property that you don`t want your sitter home to be used for (add this to your home seat). If you want to play a role in managing your property during your break, you should leave your contact information. You can ask your caretaker to send you regular updates on the condition of your home and pets while you`re on the move. Often referred to as “the most livable city in the world,” we recently had a flood of opportunities for House Sitting Melbourne.

With an unprecedented food and artistic scene in Australia, Melbourne is a great place to start your home trip. Take inventory of your valuables before keeping them in a safe place (for example. B at a parent, lawyer or online digital safe). Please note that this list is not part of your keeper`s information file. It`s hard to give anything but praise for this home-seat site that we`ve seen grow since we first took care of Dem House Sitting in 2013. We always use AussieHouseSitters when Backhouse is sitting in Australia and each seat has been secured a 5-star experience.