Air Bubble Agreement Qatar

As part of the agreement between India and Qatar, it states that “flights from Qatar to India will carry the following passengers: Indian nationals who are stranded in Qatar; all holders of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) holding Qatari passports and Qatari nationals (including diplomats) holding a valid visa, issued by an Indian mission in a category covered by the Interior Ministry`s directives of 30.06.2020. “@Indianeagle – If air bubble flights are made between Doha and India (Bengaluru), can I travel from the United States to Doha (transit) to Bengaluru? It should be noted that India has so far concluded an air bubble agreement with 21 countries, including Qatar. With regard to the Air Bubble agreement, India had initially built travel bubbles with countries such as the United States, Germany and France. “Our efforts to facilitate movement between countries continue,” the embassy said, thanking the civil aviation authorities of Qatar and India for renewing the agreement. Hello, I plan to travel from Canada to Hyderabad on December 7 while crossing Doha. Flights are available from December 6. Is it safe to book via qatar airways or are flights cancelled? With some European countries reporting a second wave of infection, air bubbles allowing citizens to travel freely between certain nations under a reciprocal agreement appear to be the “new normal”, even if demand for international air travel remains low. The EU`s civil aviation minister, Hardeep Singh Puri, said India was negotiating air bubble agreements with 13 other countries. Hey, Vinoth! I was planning to book a ticket from Canada to Hyderabad via Qatar Airways by December 6. Can you tell me why your flight was cancelled and if you have a way to reschedule it in the near future? Also, do you think it`s advisable to book one on qatar Airways right now? When will the Government of Qatar announce India`s return to Qatar? However, since May, the Vande Bharat mission has flown specific international passenger flights to India and, since July, under bilateral air bubble agreements between India and other countries. Such regulations will also enable group members to reconnect with each other and stimulate sectors such as travel and tourism. The Baltic countries, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia, were the first to create an air bubble that allowed free travel between themselves while limiting external people.

Earlier, India`s Ministry of Civil Aviation announced the creation of an air bubble with Qatar from 18 to 31 August for flights to and from both parties, as agreed by Qatar`s Civil Aviation Authority. India has restricted access to international flights to its airports and only allows flights from certain countries under the air bubble agreement. As part of the bilateral “transport bubbles” agreement between India and Qatar, the airline will operate its Airbus A320neo twice a week between the two cities on Thursdays and Sundays. Read also – International flights: Air India departs from this Indian city from its longest flight to San Francisco “We are pleased to strengthen our presence in the Middle East by adding another global city to our ever-growing network, albeit for special flights under the “transportation bubble,” said Leslie Thng, Chief Executive Officer of Vistara.